Every summer has a story.

Summer camps change lives! Find out how?
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Tired of the kids being indoors? Are your kids yearning for friendship? Get them outdoors this summer to make new friends!

Popular opinion says that being outside is the safest place to interact with others. Why not embrace the outdoors this summer, learn about God, and make memories with your friends?

Our camp is located on a lakefront property and bordered by trees. We feel confident with our outdoor facility, that we will be able to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere for your child while they are able to partake in memorable activities this summer.

Find out about the COVID-19 Precautions we are taking at camp.

Current 2021 Camp Dates

  • May Long Work-bee: May 21-24
  • MLGC Men’s Retreat June 11-12
  • Sr. High July 3-9
  • Jr. High #1 July 11-16
  • Children’s #1 July 18-23
  • Family Camp #1 July 25-30
  • Family Camp #2 (long wknd) July 30-Aug 2
  • Family Camp #3 Aug 2-7
  • Children’s #2 Aug 9-14
  • Jr. High #2 Aug 16-21

What’s New?

MLGC Executive Directors

Moose Lake Gospel Camp has made the decision to make some changes to its governance/staffing structure. As part of these changes, we are excited to announce Jeremy & Stacey Bacque as the new executive directors for the camp!

Our Beliefs

We desire that campers will experience a safe and welcoming atmosphere in our outdoor environment; as well as, hear a clear and practical representation of the good news of Jesus Christ.



Mailing Address:
9004-153 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5Z 3L6


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