Edmonton Summer Camps 2019

Summer Camps

Looking for an alternative camping experience this year for your kids? North Edmonton Christian Fellowship is running 6 difference day camps this year.

Where: North Edmonton Christian Fellowship   (9004-153 Ave, NW)

Who: Ages 6-12

When : 9am-4pm.  For dates refer to the camps below

To find out when and where please click the links below:

                A-Team Sports Camp # 1(July 8 – 12)


                # 2 (July 29 – August 2)


                Arts & Crafts Camp # 1 (July 15-19)


                 #2 (August 12-16)


                Roar Bible Adventure # 1 (July 22 – 26)


                 # 2 (August 19 – 23)





Cancellation of 2019 Camp Season for MLGC

Dear Moose Lakers,

On March 7, 2019, MLGC was presented with an Order to Remedy by the MD of Bonnyville, outlining a lengthy list of deficiencies that needed to be rectified before the facilities could be opened for the 2019 camp season.  These deficiencies include: electrical and plumbing upgrades, substantial kitchen upgrades, new septic system, adaptations to our well-water system, compliance with fire safety code, and the removal of all debris from our burn pile on MD land.  This has proven to be a monumental task, even though much legwork has been done in this offseason.  For this reason, the Board of Directors has made the decision to cancel the summer program at MLGC for 2019 and use 2019 as a summer fallow, to rest and rebuild the camp.

This has not been an easy decision and the Board of Directors has weighed many possibilities before coming to this conclusion through much prayer and deliberation. We, as the Board of Directors, are asking you to trust the Board in this decision and to offer your continued support of MLGC through prayer, financial support, volunteer hours, giving of resources and vocal support of MLGC (at church, in your community and on social media).

More detailed information, as well as vision for MLGC 2020 is to come.  If you have registered for camp this season, you will be contacted by our Registrar regarding information on a refund.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason at all.  Contact information for Board Members can be found below.  We know this announcement will begin many conversations, and we want them to be healthy, uplifting and honouring of all that we want MLGC to represent.

The initial sting of not being able to run camp in 2019 does not outweigh the excitement and hope we have for the future of MLGC, and we know that the Lord is changing our course this year so that He might build His Kingdom in a very mighty way at MLGC for many more years to come.


MLGC Board of Directors

Board of Directors:

Greg Cooper (306)962-2304

Benjamin Gee (403)852-5776

Michelle Gimenez (780)554-7763

Tyler Mills (306)835-9010

Steen Nicolajsen (780)915-7221

Erik Sample (306)441-1237

Dave Sawatzky (780)264-0201

Peter Schellenberg (780)554-8604

Jonathan Scholer (780)231-3805


Camp Registrar:

Stacey Bacque (780)812-0625


Camp Director:

Jeremy Bacque (780)298-5372

2019 Matching Campaign

Thanks to your generosity, we have matched $20,000!!!

(We have raised $20,600 as of April 30th, 2019)

All the funds will go towards the necessary upgrades our camp is required to do. This brings an end to our matching campaign, but we are still needing donations since we do not have a final number with how much these upgrades will cost.  Please prayerfully consider if you would like to financially support the camp.

Please don’t hesitate to call our board members if you have any questions.


Tyler Mills

(306) 583-9010

Peter Schellenberg

(780) 554-8604

Greg Cooper

(306) 962-2304

Benjamin Gee

(403) 852-5776

Jonathan Scholer

(780) 231-3805

Steen Nicolajsen

(780) 915-72


The Challenge We Are Facing

This year Moose Lake is celebrating 85 years of ministry. During that time, we have seen God use MLGC to do amazing things in and through the lives of people. Our vision is to continue to share the love of Jesus Christ for generations to come.

This year we are facing a major challenge. In October 2018, The Municipal District of Bonnyville walked through our campground and found deficiencies that concerned them. We have been actively meeting with the inspectors and have had several phone calls with the MD of Bonnyville regarding their inspection. On March 7, 2019, the Board received an “Order to Remedy” which outlined several infrastructure upgrades that they are requiring us to complete before we can run camp this summer. While the Board continually seeks to make the short-term improvements needed year after year, as well as establish a long-term strategic plan to fund major projects such as new bathrooms, the MD has made it clear that unless Moose Lake Gospel Camp is brought into compliance before the 2019 camp season, we will not be allowed to host camp.

The Board feels that we have a very large mountain to be moved. We believe that our God moves mountains, but we also need your help. Your support is crucial to Moose Lake’s efforts to continue its ministry. You can help us by:

  1. Praying for this situation;
  2. Making a financial donation;
  3. Donating your skills and/or connections (Specifically, we are looking for surveyors, mechanical engineers, certified plumbers, certified electricians, HVAC, heavy equipment and operators, and other skilled trades);
  4. Attending the May Long Weekend Work-bee on May 17-20, 2019, and any other additional work-bees to implement these upgrades. Please check back for any updates that may be posted.

With respect to funding the above endeavors, several Moose Lake families have committed to matching, dollar for dollar, donations made to the camp, up to a grand total of $20,000. For donors under the age of 21, a minimum $100 donation will be matched. Likewise, for donors ages 21 and over, a minimum $200 donation will be matched. For example, if 75 donations are made for $200 each, the resultant sum of $20,000 will be matched, totalling a donation of $40,000 to Moose Lake Gospel Camp!

We thank you in advance for your contribution. Here are the ways you can make a financial donation: 

C/O North Edmonton Christian Fellowship

9004 153 Ave, Edmonton, AB, T5Z 3L6                                                                 

If you have any questions or have skills you can donate, please contact any of the following board members:

Tyler Mills

(306) 583-9010

Peter Schellenberg

(780) 554-8604

Greg Cooper

(306) 962-2304

Benjamin Gee

(403) 852-5776

Jonathan Scholer

(780) 231-3805

Steen Nicolajsen

(780) 915-7221

  • Please Note: We are not looking to only raise $40,000, but will likely need funds around $100,000.  We are currently working on finalizing the costs required.

What happens at Moose Lake?

Moose Lake Gospel Camp has been running summer programs for 84 consecutive summers.  Here, we offer children, youth, and families a camping experience while sleeping in our rustic cabins tucked away in the trees with the lake as our backdrop.

Our children and youth are assigned to cabins of similar age and gender to allow for them to create some life-long friendships and memories.  Our counsellors are Plan-To-Protect trained, and many have been a part of our camp staff for a number of summers.

Every week offers worship, speakers, and camp activities geared towards that weeks age group.  All campers are given opportunities during the week to be a part of the following activities: boating, tubing, water-skiing, wakeboarding, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, horseback riding, trampolining, crafting, playing in the sand, beach volleyball, camp fires, and playing at the park.  We also facilitate all-camp activities which include sports, wide-games, and crazy-whacky games engineered towards children and youth.   (Our sauna is offered to youth and families.  Fishing is permitted with own equipment).

 An example of a day at camp:

8:30      –   Breakfast
10:00    –   Chapel with live music and a session with a guest speaker
11:00     –   1st Activity (i.e. boating, horse-back riding, crafts)
12:00    –    Lunch
1:30       –   2nd Activity (i.e. beach volleyball, canoeing, tubing)
2:30      –   Canteen (store) / Free time
3:30      –   All camp activity (i.e. field game, capture the flag, slip and slide)
5:30      –    Supper
7:00      –   Chapel with live music and a session with a guest speaker
9:00     –    Mug-up (hot chocolate & cookies) / Camp fire – (all camps)
–   Canteen (store) / Evening game  – (youth camps)

Staff Applications

Each week at Moose Lake is unique. We run programs that cater to different age groups and interests. The Camp Board, along with the Director- Jeremy Bacque, oversees the hiring needs for each particular camp program.  Each week we hire a different Program Director to oversee one week at a time (the profiles of each Program Director can be found on the information pages pertaining to that specific camp).

If you are interested in being a part of our staff this summer at MLGC, please fill out a staff application by clicking on one of the links below. Once a form is filled, we will contact you regarding your request. A personal reference check from the Police Department will also be required.

  •  If you have never filled out an application for MLGC before: Click Here > Staff Application

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Jeremy Bacque: (780) 298-5372

Stacey Bacque (780) 812-0625

The New Chapel

After years of planning, raising donations, and building, we have finally opened the doors of our new chapel.  Summer 2017 was an exciting summer, as we ran almost all of our summer programs out of our new chapel.  Fall and winter 2017 allowed us the honour of hosting 2 weddings!  Although we still need to purchase our own boiler to allow for the facility to be heated throughout the year, with the help of our 2-sided fire place and a rented heater, the chapel was toasty for our off-season weddings.

What is included in our new chapel?

  • A large foyer with access to both men’s and woman’s washrooms
  • Curl up on a comfy couch in front on our double-sided fireplace in the foyer
  • The other side of our fireplace looks in on our sanctuary with huge vaulted ceilings and enormous windows lining each side of the sanctuary.
  • The sanctuary is equipped with dark wooden pews, and there is a black backdrop for our stage.

Here is the exciting news…

This building is 95% complete and was built on donations alone.  So what is left to do?

  • Purchase and install a boiler system for heating,
  • Purchase our own sound system so we don’t need to rent,
  • And, build a permanent stage.

Please prayerfully consider jumping on this opportunity to pour into the ministry of Moose Lake Gospel Camp by helping us complete the new chapel which will be used as a combine for bringing in the Lord’s harvest for generations to come.

To give online click here: (All donations are tax-receiptable),

or you can mail a cheque to Moose Lake Gospel Camp:
9004 153 Ave
Edmonton, Alberta
T5Z 3L6

Building the New Chapel


During our summer programs, we minister to over 650 people, where our goal was to pour into their lives, and encourage them to spiritual maturity through Bible studies, worship, and basically – to have an all-around good time! Our desire is to be a place where people -no matter their background- can be encouraged physically, emotionally, and spiritually and we desire to equip people for a significant ministry by helping them discover the gifts and talents God has given them and fan those gifts into flame. Ultimately we are a group of people who want to live in the fullness of God and share that fullness with everyone. And so it is no wonder that when we request assistance in our projects, people are eager to help and contribute in any way they can.

For 2 years in a row we have had a matching grant campaign, where a family agreed to match dollar for dollar up to $35,000.00 to raise funds towards the new Chapel. People jumped on the opportunity to bless the camp, and in all we were able to raise $70,000, meaning we raised $140,000 with the match!  This fundraiser allowed us to complete much of the finishing that was left to do in the chapel.


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