Moose Lake Gospel Camp is a non-profit organization, which seeks to touch as many lives a possible through sharing the love and truth of Christ.  We have been ministering to the lives of children, youth, and adults for the last 85 years!  Due to the age of our camp, and our low camp fees, we rely on your donations!

Ways to donate:

  • A one-time donation towards our general maintenance.
  • A one-time donation towards sponsoring a child to come to camp.
  • Sign up to be a monthly donar.

Online Donations 

Sponsor a Child

If you are interested in signing up as a monthly donar, please contact our registrar at mooselakegospelcamp@gmail.com


Edmonton Summer Camps 2019

Summer Camps

Looking for an alternative camping experience this year for your kids? North Edmonton Christian Fellowship is running 6 difference day camps this year.

Where: North Edmonton Christian Fellowship   (9004-153 Ave, NW)

Who: Ages 6-12

When : 9am-4pm.  For dates refer to the camps below

To find out when and where please click the links below:

                A-Team Sports Camp # 1(July 8 – 12)


                # 2 (July 29 – August 2)


                Arts & Crafts Camp # 1 (July 15-19)


                 #2 (August 12-16)


                Roar Bible Adventure # 1 (July 22 – 26)


                 # 2 (August 19 – 23)






Cancellation of 2019 Camp Season for MLGC

Dear Moose Lakers,

On March 7, 2019, MLGC was presented with an Order to Remedy by the MD of Bonnyville, outlining a lengthy list of deficiencies that needed to be rectified before the facilities could be opened for the 2019 camp season.  These deficiencies include: electrical and plumbing upgrades, substantial kitchen upgrades, new septic system, adaptations to our well-water system, compliance with fire safety code, and the removal of all debris from our burn pile on MD land.  This has proven to be a monumental task, even though much legwork has been done in this offseason.  For this reason, the Board of Directors has made the decision to cancel the summer program at MLGC for 2019 and use 2019 as a summer fallow, to rest and rebuild the camp.

This has not been an easy decision and the Board of Directors has weighed many possibilities before coming to this conclusion through much prayer and deliberation. We, as the Board of Directors, are asking you to trust the Board in this decision and to offer your continued support of MLGC through prayer, financial support, volunteer hours, giving of resources and vocal support of MLGC (at church, in your community and on social media).

More detailed information, as well as vision for MLGC 2020 is to come.  If you have registered for camp this season, you will be contacted by our Registrar regarding information on a refund.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason at all.  Contact information for Board Members can be found below.  We know this announcement will begin many conversations, and we want them to be healthy, uplifting and honouring of all that we want MLGC to represent.

The initial sting of not being able to run camp in 2019 does not outweigh the excitement and hope we have for the future of MLGC, and we know that the Lord is changing our course this year so that He might build His Kingdom in a very mighty way at MLGC for many more years to come.


MLGC Board of Directors

Board of Directors:

Greg Cooper (306)962-2304

Benjamin Gee (403)852-5776

Michelle Gimenez (780)554-7763

Tyler Mills (306)835-9010

Steen Nicolajsen (780)915-7221

Erik Sample (306)441-1237

Dave Sawatzky (780)264-0201

Peter Schellenberg (780)554-8604

Jonathan Scholer (780)231-3805


Camp Registrar:

Stacey Bacque (780)812-0625


Camp Director:

Jeremy Bacque (780)298-5372


The Challenge We Are Facing

This year Moose Lake is celebrating 85 years of ministry. During that time, we have seen God use MLGC to do amazing things in and through the lives of people. Our vision is to continue to share the love of Jesus Christ for generations to come.

This year we are facing a major challenge. In October 2018, The Municipal District of Bonnyville walked through our campground and found deficiencies that concerned them. We have been actively meeting with the inspectors and have had several phone calls with the MD of Bonnyville regarding their inspection. On March 7, 2019, the Board received an “Order to Remedy” which outlined several infrastructure upgrades that they are requiring us to complete before we can run camp this summer. While the Board continually seeks to make the short-term improvements needed year after year, as well as establish a long-term strategic plan to fund major projects such as new bathrooms, the MD has made it clear that unless Moose Lake Gospel Camp is brought into compliance before the 2019 camp season, we will not be allowed to host camp.

The Board feels that we have a very large mountain to be moved. We believe that our God moves mountains, but we also need your help. Your support is crucial to Moose Lake’s efforts to continue its ministry. You can help us by:

  1. Praying for this situation;
  2. Making a financial donation;
  3. Donating your skills and/or connections (Specifically, we are looking for surveyors, mechanical engineers, certified plumbers, certified electricians, HVAC, heavy equipment and operators, and other skilled trades);
  4. Attending the May Long Weekend Work-bee on May 17-20, 2019, and any other additional work-bees to implement these upgrades. Please check back for any updates that may be posted.

With respect to funding the above endeavors, several Moose Lake families have committed to matching, dollar for dollar, donations made to the camp, up to a grand total of $20,000. For donors under the age of 21, a minimum $100 donation will be matched. Likewise, for donors ages 21 and over, a minimum $200 donation will be matched. For example, if 75 donations are made for $200 each, the resultant sum of $20,000 will be matched, totalling a donation of $40,000 to Moose Lake Gospel Camp!

We thank you in advance for your contribution. Here are the ways you can make a financial donation: 

C/O North Edmonton Christian Fellowship

9004 153 Ave, Edmonton, AB, T5Z 3L6                                                                 

If you have any questions or have skills you can donate, please contact any of the following board members:

Tyler Mills

(306) 583-9010

Peter Schellenberg

(780) 554-8604

Greg Cooper

(306) 962-2304

Benjamin Gee

(403) 852-5776

Jonathan Scholer

(780) 231-3805

Steen Nicolajsen

(780) 915-7221

  • Please Note: We are not looking to only raise $40,000, but will likely need funds around $100,000.  We are currently working on finalizing the costs required.

Children’s Day Camp

Ages 7-11

Register your child to attend day camp!

Dates: August 3-7, 2020

Check-In Time: 9:00-9:30 am Monday morning

Pick-Up Time: 4:00 pm

Cost: $150

Register Now


Moose Lake Gospel Camp invites children and youth to Rocky Railway Day Camp: Jesus’ power pulls us through.

A summer Day Camp called Rocky Railway will be hosted at Moose Lake Gospel Camp. At Rocky Railway, kids discover through life’s ups and downs that Jesus’ power pulls us through. Kids participate in memorable Bible-learning activities, sing catchy songs, play teamwork-building games, take part in one-of-a-kind Bible Adventures, collect Bible Memory Buddies to remind them to trust Jesus, and test out Sciency-Fun Gizmos they’ll take home and play with all summer long. Plus, kids will learn to look for evidence of God all around them through something called God Sightings. We will also be including traditional camp activities such as beach time, canoeing, campfires, and canteen. Each day concludes with the Rock Wrap-Up that gets everyone involved in living what they’ve learned.

Please refer to our Commonly Asked Questions for a ton of information regarding how our day camps will be facilitated!



We will be doing DAILY SCREENING for COVID-19 of EVERYONE every time someone enters the property.  As everyone is accustomed,  if your camper has any symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose, sore throat) please keep them at home as they will not be allowed at camp.  Parents/guardians will be asked to check temperatures daily, and report to camp staff.

Your child does not have to wear a mask. The day camp regulations states that a cohort can be 50 people. We plan to have up to 2 cohorts, and if this is the case, any staff who interacts with both cohorts will be required to wear a mask.

We have multiple locations where hand-washing can be facilitated, as well as hand sanitizing stations. Your child will be instructed to wash their hands throughout the day.


All campers will be assigned to a ‘cabin group’ with a cabin leader. Our daily schedule will involve groups moving around to different stations throughout the day; incorporating our traditional camp activities such as chapel, beach, canteen, and campfires.

We will be using a Day Camp Curriculum called Rocky Railway. At Rocky Railway, children and youth discover through life’s ups and downs that Jesus’ power pulls us through. Campers will participate in memorable Bible-learning activities, sing catchy songs, play teamwork-building games, take part in one-of-a-kind Bible Adventures, collect Bible Memory Buddies to remind them to trust Jesus, and test out Sciency-Fun Gizmos they’ll take home and play with all summer long. In addition, campers will learn to look for evidence of God all around them through something called God-Sightings. Each day concludes with the Rock Wrap-Up that gets everyone involved in living what they’ve learned.


Children & Youth Camps: We will not be providing meals. We are asking that all children come with a packed lunch that does not need to be refrigerated. This allows for us to comply with COVID-19 regulations.

We will be providing your child with a packaged snack during the morning, as well as opening up our “Canteen” (Camp Store) to all campers.

Preschool/Kindergarten Camp: We will not be providing meals. We will be providing your child with a packaged snack during the morning.


All medications will be turned in to the camp nurse at check-in each morning. The camp nurse will be located at the drop-off location each morning (which is visible as soon as you come onto the grounds).


Once you turn onto the road which leads to the Campground, you will be directed by staff and signage directing you to the Camper Drop-Off Location.


By clicking on the following link, you can access our pin on Google Maps.



Check-in is from 9:00 – 9:30am on every morning.

As you drive into camp, you will be directed for the child drop-off zone.


Check-out is at 4:00 pm for Children & Youth Camps, and at 12:00 pm for Preschool/Kindergarten Camp.

The parent/guardian will be asked to pick up your camper at the drop-off zone each day. The camper must be signed out when they leave.


Please bring a bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, and water bottle. Children & Youth: please bring a bagged lunch.

Your child/youth will be assigned a group and a camp cabin. This is where they can keep all their bathing suits, change of clothes, as well as lunch.

Although they are assigned a cabin, we ask that all valuables be left at home. There are no cellphones, tablets, or other devices allowed at camp.


If you must cancel, please contact the camp registrar at  mooselakegospelcamp@gmail.com or call 780-812-0625 as soon as you are aware.

Please be aware, there will be a non-refundable administration charge of $25.


Once you have registered, you will receive an email confirmation.

Senior Teen Camp (Ages 15-19)

Sr. Teen camp is a unique place where campers and staff get together for an action-packed week. Qualified staff cater to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the campers as they walk through life together.

Jr. Teen Camp (Ages 12-14)

Jr. Teen camp is a unique place where campers and staff get together for an action-packed week. Qualified staff cater to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the campers. Your child will be kept moving doing activities that they may never have had the chance to do, such as water-skiing, horseback-riding, tubing, sleeping in a cabin, campfires, and church services. Aside from these energy-filled activities, your child will be given ample opportunity to encounter God. Our staff will be there to help your child answer any questions they may have about God and Christianity as well.

 An Example of a day at Camp:

8:30      –   Breakfast
10:00    –   Session with cabin leaders and staff
11:00     –   1st Activity (i.e. boating, horse-back riding, crafts)
12:00    –    Lunch
1:30       –   2nd Activity (i.e. beach volleyball, canoeing, tubing)
2:30      –   Canteen (store) / Free time
3:00      –   All camp activity (i.e. field game, capture the flag, slip and slide)
5:30      –    Supper
7:00      –   Chapel with live music and a session with a guest speaker
9:00     –    Mug-up/ Camp fire/ Evening game

Family Camps

At MLGC, your family has the opportunity to explore the wonders of God in a beautiful setting, while participating in worship and learning from some top quality speakers. No matter which camp you choose, or if you come to both our planned camps, you can be sure it will be a memorable experience for you and your family. We understand the importance of providing lots of free-time so you can choose the pace of your week. Some like to relax on the beach, while others take advantage of the wide variety of activities that we offer. Usually the greatest encouragement comes from other families participating together in fellowship, edification, and support, or just a god belly laugh around a camp fire.  

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to offer OVERNIGHT camps at this time; and thus, are unable to offer Family Camps for this year. We are deeply saddened by this reality, but must comply with the restrictions and regulations given to us by our government.


  • Adults 18+:                  $255.00 per week, or $60.00 per day
  • Youth 13-17:               $155.00 per week, or $40.00 per day
  • Children 3-12:            $120.00 per week, or $30.00 per day
  • Infants 0-2:                 FREE

Weekend Family Camp Rates:

  • Adults 18+:                  $125.00 for the weekend camp
  • Youth 13-17:               $75.00 for the weekend camp
  • Children 3-12:           $60.00 for the weekend camp
  • Infants 0-2:                FREE

**Camp rates depend on the size of your family. Maximum of $820.00 per immediate family.

** In order to keep our rates reasonable, each camper 12 years of age or older will be asked to assist with a daily chore or “gratis.”

***  Please Note:      If you are attending more than one family camp, you will need to fill out multiple forms.

MLGC 2020 Workbee

Come & settle in Friday evening; work will begin Saturday morning!

What to bring:

  • 5 gallon jug(s) of drinking water for personal use
  • Please bring your own meals as we are unable to provide meals at this time.
  • Other items to bring to this weekend are:
  • Work gloves
  • Construction tools
  • Battery operated power tools
  • Chainsaw if you have one
  • Shovels and rakes
  • Lawn chairs
  • Warm clothing

Our Camps

Children’s Camps


School’s out, Camp’s in!

We offer 2 unique camps for ages 8-11 years, where your child will learn about God, as well as make friends and memories to last a lifetime!

For More Information

Jr. Teen Camps


What are you doing this summer?

Moose Lake Gospel camp has 2 fun-filled camps for ages 12-14.  A place where getting a pie in the face is called “fun”; and the person who pies you might just be your new best friend!

For More Information

Sr. Teen Camp


Camp: Worth the mosquito bites!

Come out for our week of camp, offered to those 15-18!  We are sure you won’t regret the memories you will make!

For More Information

Family Camps


Come to meet with God, for the serenity of the forest, the peace of the lake, and to connect with other families!

We offer 2 full weeks, as well as a long-weekend camp, for you and your family to come and enjoy together! Come for 2 meals, 2 nights, or 2 weeks!  We welcome you, and we will do our best to accommodate you in any way we can!

For More Information


Edmonton Family Camp 2019

Campfire in the City  – Are you ready for some Campfire in the City?

When: Friday August 2 @ 7:00pm – Sunday August 4 @ 9:00 pm

(if you are camping on the site, you may pack up on Monday morning)

Where: North Edmonton Christian Fellowship    (9004-153 Avenue, NW)

What: Guest Speakers (TDB), children and youth programs, and optional activities.

There will be no charge for the weekend, but we will be receiving a FREEWILL OFFERING to cover costs and to help fund the repairs and upgrades to Moose Lake Gospel Camp. We have limited space for tents and trailers on our property and will be allocated on first come first serve. Unfortunately we can not provide water or electricity.

To register please click on link below:

Link is https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/campfire-in-the-city-registration-62507057291

“Chapel” Services:

Friday – 7:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday – 10:00 am & 7:00 pm

Breakfast & Lunch will be provided on Saturday & Sunday.

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