MLGC Workbee

May 21-24, 2021

Come one and all to join together in community…

… and get camp up and running!!!

We are planning on finally coming back together for SUMMER 2021! We are excited about new programs and activities to be offered.

Every year we have a number of tasks that need to be tackled to get camp up and running. The list is long, but the tasks are not hard. Please consider coming together as our Moose Lake family and helping to work through our annual Work-bee list.

What Can You Do?
  • Cut the grass
  • Clean Cabins
  • Gather up brush
  • Sweep cobwebs
  • Split logs
  • Put out the dock
  • Put together the kitchen
  • Cut up fallen trees
  • There may be some painting projects
What Can You Bring?
  • 4L of drinking water (for use in the kitchen)
  • Your own drinking water
  • A Breakfast item, OR a desert
  • Work gloves
  • Tools
  • Chain Saw (if you have)

If you want to come, please fill out a registration form so we can have enough food to feed you!

More information….

Access to the Camp is directly off Highway 660 in the Municipality of Bonnyville Alberta. Rural address: 47311 HYW660


2021 Dates:

May Workbee: May 21-24
Prayer & Fasting: May 24-30
Men’s Retreat: June 11-13

Family Camp #1: July 24 – 30
Family Camp #2: July 30- Aug 2
Wholehearted Camping: July 1 – 20, Aug 5 – 17

Family Camp Check-In: @ 2:00 pm

Family Camp Check-Out: @ 1:00 pm

Wholehearted Camping Check-In: @ 4:00 -8:00 pm

Wholehearted Camping Check-Out: @ 12:00 noon

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