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In 1934, Moose Lake Gospel Camp was established to be a light to the area. The heart behind MLGC is to minister, share the gospel, and have a positive impact to the children & youth in the area. We also desire to teach, support and minister to the families who walk onto our campground.

Essentially, we desire to share God’s heart and love.

Summer camps have been proven to make a positive impact in a child’s life.

Find out how…

Moose Lake Gospel Camp is a non-profit organization, which seeks to touch as many lives a possible through sharing the love and truth of Christ.  We have been ministering to the lives of children, youth, and adults for the last 87 years!  Due to the age of our camp, and our low camp fees, we rely on your donations!

If you would like to contribute to what God is doing at MLGC, we have multiple ways to Donate:

  • Give through Credit Card
  • Give Through E-Transfer
  • Give through Cash/cheque
    • 9004-153 Ave, Edmonton AB, T5Z 3L6

For E-transfer: You simply need to use our email address –, PLEASE STATE in the MESSAGE what the transfer is for (ex. merchandise, donation, rental, ect.), and also your MAILING ADDRESS.

For credit card transactions: We have a NEW secure platform which you can give through, which will cover the transaction fees which are charged with each transaction.

In order to help keep costs down for SIMPLYK, we ask if your donation is more than $3000, that you would choose to donate through E-transfer/Cheque. Thank you!

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