COVID-19 Precautions


COVID-19 Precautions

Steps we are taking to greatly reduce the likelihood that illness will be spread at our camp:

Outdoors: Moose Lake Gospel Camp is a facility where most time is spent outdoors, greatly reducing the potential for illness to spread at our programs.

Small Groups: Historically, we have kept our “cabin” groups small (a group of 10 or less including leaders). We will continue to keep our groups small to minimize the number of people that each camper comes into contact with.

Ample Space: Our camp programming is designed to maximize the use of our facilities. We have multiple programs that run at a time, allowing everyone to spread out and enjoy their activities in the wide open camp.

Healthy Campers & Staff: We will not allow any campers/staff to participate in camp if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness. Parents/Guardians will need to certify prior to each camp day that their camper is not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. The following link is an Alberta government symptom checklist that will need to be referred to each day:

Sanitization: Any shared tools or items will be sanitized between use. In addition, there will be increased hand washing/sanitization. We have multiple hand washing locations throughout the campground.

Increased Cleaning: Shared facilities, such as bathrooms, have an increased cleaning schedule, as well as a cleaning log. Areas, such as picnic tables, will be sanitized between group use.


We are still waiting to hear what the guidelines will include for masking. At this time we are considering the possibility that all campers will need to bring a mask with them to the camp, and possibly wear it if they are in the position where they are not able to be distanced 6 feet from others. Masks may also be required inside communal facilities such as bathrooms or during close idle interaction with others. In most situations, campers will be given the option to either space out to a safe distance, or put a mask on.

Local guidelines related to COVID-19 (M.D. of Bonnyville) will be followed during all of our camp programs. Camp program policies have and may continue to change based on the guidelines put forth by the county.

We are also basing decisions around the province’s guidance for Private and Municipal Campgrounds (

Much Scientific Data has been discovered about COVID-19 Transmission that will guide our policies:

New studies have shown that person-to-person transmission of COVID-19 is very low in outdoor situations. In addition, UV sunlight has been shown to kill the virus. Thus, outdoor activities have been deemed much safer than indoor ones.

Transmission during short interactions with others less than 6 feet have also been very low, and it is even lower while outside.

COVID-19 does not spread easily on surfaces. We’ve also learned that the virus degrades much more quickly on objects outdoors, due to environmental factors (like sunlight, heat, humidity), than it would in indoor spaces that are climate controlled and devoid of direct radiation from the sun. Additionally, the virus cannot survive on porous surfaces like plants, dirt, wood, or cloth.

It is believed that the virus does not linger in the air outdoors (as it can indoors with poor ventilation) and quickly drops to the ground or is taken away by air currents once expelled.

More information….

Access to the Camp is directly off Highway 660 in the Municipality of Bonnyville Alberta. Rural address: 47311 HYW660


2021 Dates:

May Workbee: May 21-24
Prayer & Fasting: May 24-30
Men’s Retreat: June 11-13

Family Camp #1: July 24 – 30
Family Camp #2: July 30- Aug 2
Wholehearted Camping: July 1 – 20, Aug 5 – 17

Registration: Opens @ 2:00 pm (for all camps)

Camp Ends: @ 1:00 pm (for all camps)

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