Children and Youth Camps

Camp is a unique place where campers and staff come together for an action-packed week. Qualified staff cater to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the campers as they live the week together.

Your child will be kept moving doing activities that they may never have had the chance to do, such as exciting wide games, archery, sleeping in a cabin, campfires, and church services. Aside from these energy-filled activities, your child will be given ample opportunity to encounter God. Our staff will be there to help your child answer any questions they may have about God and Christianity.


Our days are often ended around the campfire with hot chocolate and cookies, campfire songs, and community. Sometimes our days even start cooking our own breakfast!

Wide Games

Experience some fun and exciting games that you won’t get to play at home!


We offer a variety of water crafts for our campers to enjoy. Try your luck at balancing on a paddleboard, or experience kayaking and canoeing. Campers also can have their turn on a boat ride throughout the day.


Campers love to bounce their energy off on our trampolines. Play “Crack the Egg”, “Flip the Bacon”, or try your hand at flips.

Chapel Services

We hold chapel services twice a day at camp. Chapel is where we come together to worship God, and learn about His love and hope for us.

Box Hockey

This is a popular activity that is heard throughout the day. Many compete to be the best, it is an on-going competition. Horseshoes is also another popular competition, especially during Sr.High and Family Camps.

Let’s make memories together.

More information….

Access to the Camp is directly off Highway 660 in the Municipality of Bonnyville Alberta.

Rural address: 47311 HYW 660


2023 Dates:

  • May Workbee: May 19-22
  • Whole Hearted Camping: June-Sept (many dates to choose from)
  • Men’s Retreat: June 9-11
  • Children’s Camp: July 16-22
  • Jr. Youth Camp: July 9-15
  • Family Camp: July 23-30

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