Our Camps

Children’s Camps School’s out, Camp’s in! We offer 2 unique camps for ages 8-11 years, where your child will learn about God, as well as make friends and memories to last a lifetime! For More Information Jr. Teen Camps What are you doing this summer? Moose Lake Gospel camp has 2 fun-filled camps for ages […]

Lakeside”Camping” At The Gee’s – A Camping Alternative

  Lakeside”Camping” At The Gee’s – A Camping Alternative Missing Family Camp Connection?  Come “camp” at the Gee’s! This is a great FUNDRAISING opportunity to come together with other families from Moose Lake Gospel Camp for a weekend. The ENTIRE cost of the weekend will go towards the upgrade work required at Moose Lake. DATES:  Friday August 9 (4pm) – Sunday August […]


Moose Lake Gospel Camp is a non-profit organization, which seeks to touch as many lives a possible through sharing the love and truth of Christ.  We have been ministering to the lives of children, youth, and adults for the last 85 years!  Due to the age of our camp, and our low camp fees, we […]


We are starting our 2nd Matching Campaign for 2019. Another $12,000 has been donated towards relaunching our matching campaign. For donars under the age of 21, a minimum $100 donation will be matched. For donars ages 21 & over, a minimum of $200 donation will be matched. Please prayerfully consider whether you can support the […]

Cancellation of 2019 Camp Season for MLGC

Dear Moose Lakers, On March 7, 2019, MLGC was presented with an Order to Remedy by the MD of Bonnyville, outlining a lengthy list of deficiencies that needed to be rectified before the facilities could be opened for the 2019 camp season.  These deficiencies include: electrical and plumbing upgrades, substantial kitchen upgrades, new septic system, […]

GoFundMe Campaign

Although we are currently doing a matching campaign to help raise money towards the needs of our camp, we have also opened a GoFundMe Campaign.  We believe every dollar counts towards the Restoration of our camp, and we thank you in advance for your contribution. GoFundMe Campaign Page