Campground Policies

Wholehearted Policies & Guidelines


  • Pre-registration is required. No ‘walk-up’ campers allowed.
  • All reservations are to be paid in full prior to arriving at camp.
  • Activities are to be reserved at time of registration and paid for in full prior to arriving at camp. There may be extra space in activities while guests are on site and they may be able to purchase additional activities at the office.
  • Meals through our Dining Hall are to be reserved at time of registration and paid for in full prior to arriving at camp.
  • Schedules will be emailed to guests prior to their arrival at camp.


  • Any cancellations with more than 1 month’s notice before arrival date will result in a refund, minus a $25 administration fee.
  • Any cancellations that take place within 1 month of arrival date will result in a refund, minus $50/night booked.
  • Any cancellations related to Covid-19 isolation requirements within 1 month’s notice before arrival will be refunded, minus a $50 administration fee.
  • Horse trail rides will be cancelled in the event of a Thunder Storm. In this case, the activity will be rescheduled – if rescheduling is not an option, a refund will be issued. If guests choose not to participate, though the activity was not cancelled, no refund will be issued.

Arrivals and Departures:

  • We ask that all guests arrive between 4:00pm and 8:00pm.
  • Late arrivals will have their check-in packages in a ‘mail-box’ outside the check-in building.
  • Early check-in is not guaranteed.
  • Check-out is at 12:00 noon. Guests are asked to return their accommodation key to the check-in building.


  • If guests show up more than 5 minutes late to their scheduled trail rides, they forfeit the right to participate and/or receive a refund.
  • There are a number of free activities on site for families to use at their own leisure – guests are asked to use the equipment and space in a respectful and safe manner.


  • Parents are asked to know where their children are at all times.
  • Older children may attend trail rides on their own when staff are present, and they have been assigned to that designated time.


  • RV sites have access to 15 Amp electrical hook-ups and we have a water fill up and a dumping station on site for use, free of charge.
  • Large cabins have 4 or 5 bunkbeds (sleeping 8-10), and the small cabins have 1 twin bunk bed & a double/queen (sleeping 2-4).
  • Washrooms are centrally located in the cabin area, as well as within 2 additional facilities.
  • Guests are required to bring their own bedding and towels and refrain from keeping any personal items in the washrooms.
  • We ask that guests do not enter any cabins or RV’s that are not their own.
  • Campers are required to leave facilities they have occupied in the same condition they were found in upon arrival.
  • Mattresses are sanitized by staff between campers.
  • Food fights and indoor water fights are not permitted.
  • Cooking, or the use of open flames, candles, or incense in meeting or sleeping areas is not permitted.
  • Sites are not to be altered in any way, including through cutting down trees or digging.


  • Once you have departed, our staff will complete a thorough clean and check of the site used.
  • In the event of damages, you will be invoiced for the amount it costs us to repair what was broken.
  • Equipment must be used with care and returned to its proper storage area immediately after use. Losses and/or damages must be reported to a staff member and paid for.
  • Vandalism to Camp property will incur a minimum fine of $50/infraction. A higher fee may be charged depending on the extent of the damage and the time required to repair it.
  • Misuse of fire safety equipment (extinguishers, detectors, etc.) will incur a minimum fine of $50 per piece of equipment used.
  • Moose Lake Gospel Camp does not assumed responsibility for any damage to personal property and/or vehicles on our premises.

Noise Level:

  • Guests are asked to avoid excessive noise so that everyone can enjoy their surroundings.
  • Moose Lake Gospel Camp observes an on site quiet time from 11:00pm – 7:00am.

Water Access, Garbage, and Sewage Dumping:

  • All trash must be properly discarded in garbage containers provided.
  • RV water tanks may be filled at site provided.
  • Sewage and grey water dumping can only be done at our Dumping Station on site.

On-site Contacts:

  • Please note there is limited Cell service on site.
  • In the case of emergency, please report to the staff at the Check-In building.

First Aid and Supplies:

  • Guests are required to bring their own medications and it is recommended to bring your own first aid kit.


  • We ask that vehicles only be parked at the cabins while loading/unloading.  Afterwards, guests must park their vehicles in the designated parking lot.
  • There may be space in our RV Lot for one vehicle per site.
  • The use of off-road vehicles on camp property is not permitted.

“Canteen” (store):

  • Our Camp Store will be opened daily.
  • Guests can purchase candy, snacks, beverages, and hot foods.
  • One family at a time will be allowed into the store to purchase clothing.


  • Guests are permitted to bring pets.
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times. Owners are responsible for cleaning up and disposing of animal waste.
  • Be aware that Moose Lake Gospel Camp is in Bear Country. Practice bear smart awareness.


  • We have firewood available for purchase. Bundles are $7, with a complimentary bundle at 1st purchase.
  • Please do not create your own fire pits.
  • Portable wood fire pits or propane fire pits brought in by families may be used at individual sites. No wood burning fires near cabins.
  • Please do not burn dead-fall, cut down trees, or destroy brush in any way for the purpose of making fires.
  • Never leave a campfire unattended for any amount of time.
  • Guests are to ensure any fire is completely out before leaving the fire pit.
  • When a fire hazard is extreme, a campfire ban may be implemented. In this case, notices will be placed around the campground.
  • Due to our insurance policy and our horses, firecrackers and/or fireworks must not be used on site.

Alcohol and Smoking:

  • All of our buildings and wooded areas are non-smoking.
  • Smoking &/ Vaping is only allowed in the designated location near the parking lot at the entrance to the camp.
  • Smoking outside of the designated area will carry a fine of $25 per room, cabin, building, or area.
  • It is strictly prohibited to consume alcohol or drugs while on site – this includes recreational marijuana. 

Covid-19 Guidelines:

  • Guests are asked to bring their own hand sanitizer and thermometer to camp.
  • Guests are to read all Covid-19 guidelines signs for site usage. Guests are asked to help us provide a safe experience for everyone.
  • Guests are asked to follow all current Government Covid-19 regulations while on site.
  • Guests will be asked to fill out a ‘Covid-19 Symptom Checklist’ on arrival.

Odds and Ends:

  • Trees are not to be cut or injured in any way; do not pick at or destroy any vegetation.
  • No firearms of any kind are allowed on site.


Failure to adhere to these policies may result in immediate removal from site and loss of rental fee from Moose Lake Gospel Camp.

Wholehearted Camping Code of Conduct

As Moose Lake Gospel Camp views it’s grounds and facilities as sacred grounds – extensions of camp’s Christian Mission – we ask that, while on site, our campers refrain from the following:

  • Engaging in any behaviour that is contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada, federal or provincial laws, or municipal bylaws.
  • Consuming Alcoholic beverages; use of non-prescription or illegal drugs, or drug products, including recreational marijuana.
  • Using Moose Lake Gospel Camp’s Facilities for corporate religious, sectarian, or cult practices, rituals, or services that are contrary to Moose Lake Gospel Camp’s Confession of Faith (which can be found on our website:
  • Using Moose Lake Gospel Camp facilities to engage in, plan, promote, or support activities that are contrary to, or not in accordance with this Code of Conduct or the religious beliefs reflected in Moose Lake Gospel Camp’s Confession of Faith.
  • Engaging in, or the on site promotion of sexual behaviour or activity, such as the use of pornography, that is contrary to, or not in accordance with Moose Lake Gospel Camp Confession of Faith.
  • Promotion of abortion or abortion-related activities.
  • Engaging in racist or discriminatory conduct, or supporting/promoting racist of discriminatory viewpoints.

We recognize that there are different views in regard to these issues and we ask that you respect our values while using our site.

The interpretation of the provisions of the Camping Code of Conduct shall be the sole prerogative of Moose Lake Gospel Camp’s Board of Directors and Management. Any questions regarding their interpretations or application should be directed to the management at the earliest opportunity to avoid misunderstandings.

Moose Lake Gospel Camp reserves the right to exclude or terminate the stay of any group, family, or individual who breach the camp’s policies, or whose goals, values, objects, or philosophy are, in the opinion of the Board of Directors and/or Camp Management, contrary to Moose Lake Gospel Camp’s Camping Code of Conduct.

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