What Happens At MLGC?

What Happens At Moose Lake?

Moose Lake Gospel Camp has been running summer programs for 87 summers.  Here, we offer children, youth, and families a camping experience while sleeping in our rustic cabins tucked away in the trees with the lake as our backdrop.

Our children and youth are assigned to cabins of similar age and gender to allow for them to create some life-long friendships and memories.  Our counsellors are Plan-To-Protect trained, and many have been a part of our camp staff for a number of summers.

Every week offers worship, speakers, and camp activities geared towards that weeks age group.  All campers are given opportunities during the week to be a part of the following activities: swimming, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, trampolining, crafting, archery, playing in the sand, camp fires, and playing at the park.  We also facilitate all-camp activities which include sports, wide-games, and crazy-whacky games engineered towards children and youth.   (Our sauna is offered to youth and families.  Fishing is permitted with own equipment).

An example of a day at camp:

8:30      –   Breakfast
10:00    –   Chapel with live music and a session with a guest speaker
11:00     –   1st Activity (i.e. canoeing, archery, crafts)
12:00    –    Lunch
1:30       –   2nd Activity (i.e. beach volleyball, wide games)
2:30      –   Canteen (store) / Free time
3:30      –   All camp activity (i.e. field game, capture the flag, slip and slide)
5:30      –    Supper
7:00      –   Chapel with live music and a session with a guest speaker
9:00     –    Mug-up (hot chocolate & cookies) / Camp fire
–   Canteen (store) / Evening game  – (youth camps)

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