The Challenge We Are Facing

This year Moose Lake is celebrating 85 years of ministry. During that time, we have seen God use MLGC to do amazing things in and through the lives of people. Our vision is to continue to share the love of Jesus Christ for generations to come.

This year we are facing a major challenge. In October 2018, The Municipal District of Bonnyville walked through our campground and found deficiencies that concerned them. We have been actively meeting with the inspectors and have had several phone calls with the MD of Bonnyville regarding their inspection. On March 7, 2019, the Board received an “Order to Remedy” which outlined several infrastructure upgrades that they are requiring us to complete before we can run camp this summer. While the Board continually seeks to make the short-term improvements needed year after year, as well as establish a long-term strategic plan to fund major projects such as new bathrooms, the MD has made it clear that unless Moose Lake Gospel Camp is brought into compliance before the 2019 camp season, we will not be allowed to host camp.

The Board feels that we have a very large mountain to be moved. We believe that our God moves mountains, but we also need your help. Your support is crucial to Moose Lake’s efforts to continue its ministry. You can help us by:

  1. Praying for this situation;
  2. Making a financial donation;
  3. Donating your skills and/or connections (Specifically, we are looking for surveyors, mechanical engineers, certified plumbers, certified electricians, HVAC, heavy equipment and operators, and other skilled trades);
  4. Attending the May Long Weekend Work-bee on May 17-20, 2019, and any other additional work-bees to implement these upgrades. Please check back for any updates that may be posted.

With respect to funding the above endeavors, several Moose Lake families have committed to matching, dollar for dollar, donations made to the camp, up to a grand total of $20,000. For donors under the age of 21, a minimum $100 donation will be matched. Likewise, for donors ages 21 and over, a minimum $200 donation will be matched. For example, if 75 donations are made for $200 each, the resultant sum of $20,000 will be matched, totalling a donation of $40,000 to Moose Lake Gospel Camp!

We thank you in advance for your contribution. Here are the ways you can make a financial donation: 

C/O North Edmonton Christian Fellowship

9004 153 Ave, Edmonton, AB, T5Z 3L6                                                                 

If you have any questions or have skills you can donate, please contact any of the following board members:

Tyler Mills

(306) 583-9010

Peter Schellenberg

(780) 554-8604

Greg Cooper

(306) 962-2304

Benjamin Gee

(403) 852-5776

Jonathan Scholer

(780) 231-3805

Steen Nicolajsen

(780) 915-7221

  • Please Note: We are not looking to only raise $40,000, but will likely need funds around $100,000.  We are currently working on finalizing the costs required.

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Moose Lake Gospel Camp has been, and continues to be, a non-profit since 1934. MLGC was started as a means for church communities to come together in worship & fellowship. MLGC is now an outreach to the community in which it is located, reciecing children & youth from all around the surrounding area. We provide a safe and fun summer experience for all ages, and we desire to see many more new faces in the many years yet to come.

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